The Acorn Curriculum and Daily Routine

Our curriculum embraces the statutory framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage. However our reach extends far beyond it. The daily routine covers all areas of learning, through such activities as arts and crafts, and music, movement and singing sessions with our resident in-house pianist. Topic work, incorporating Forest School (nature study) and simple aspects of Geography, History, Technology and Science, are designed to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They are encouraged to explore and question within a framework which promotes creative thinking and independence.

“My children left making friends for life (as did I!) and look back with huge fondness on their time there. Any child who secures a place at this hugely sought after nursery is very lucky!”

Literacy and Mathematics underpin all learning activities. As the children develop their listening, speaking and reading skills, they can delve deeper into the exciting world of literature and take greater ownership of their learning. Opportunities for mathematical thinking pervade the environment and children develop their number skills through an interactive and stimulating curriculum.

“The Acorn is a happy, nurturing nursery that is contains that special bit of magic we all want our children to experience”

The children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development is at the heart of all we do. Circle time sessions enable the children to ask questions, explore and discuss their thoughts and feelings and, in so doing, learn to respect the views and opinions of others.

Visits and Trips

We have regular visits from Miller’s Ark Farm, the Fire Brigade and Police to enrich and contextualise the children’s topic based learning. The children perform a concert or play at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms. Sports Day takes place at the end of the Summer Term.

We make use of the many and varied opportunities available in London to extend children’s knowledge of their environment, their culture and their history. Each year, children may be taken on outings to places of interest in and around London, such as London Zoo, the London Wetland Centre and the London Aquarium.