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The only education you need in life is Acorn and Oxford’ to quote Lord Waldegrave, whose four children attended Britain’s most exclusive kindergarten. Though getting a place at Oxford is easy by comparison. ‘We accept registration from the moment of birth,’ Acorn tells us. Note ‘the moment’ and act accordingly. Alumni famously include baby Jaggers, Paxmans et al, but a self-declared ‘normal’ mum says: ‘Don’t let that scare you off – it’s a million miles from being full of spoilt, rock-stars’ kids.’ The reality is that Acorn is actually ‘very intimate and relaxed’. Supercharged staff ensure their pupils effortlessly scale the apex of London preps. Outdoor space is generous by W11 standards. Inside is ‘enchanted and cosy’ and feels ‘like a village school’, say our moles. What makes Acorn so unique is the focus on the families who attend.

Tatler 2016



“The Acorn is a happy, nurturing nursery that is contains that special bit of magic we all want our children to experience”


“My children left making friends for life (as did I!) and look back with huge fondness on their time there. Any child who secures a place at this hugely sought after nursery is very lucky!”